Comey's corruption of the FBI to exonerate Clinton and go after Trump

Gregg Jarrett:
By commandeering control of the investigation, Comey and his confederates could twist the facts and contort the law to dictate the outcome they desired. Clinton was the beneficiary of what FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly described as the “HQ special.”

The same is true of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. The very people who cleared Clinton of crimes – despite strong evidence that she broke the law – also assumed unfettered authority over the so-called “collusion” investigation to determine if Donald Trump’s presidential campaign worked with Russia to help Trump become president.

Bereft of probable cause and credible evidence, they nevertheless pursued Trump in a probe designed to damage his candidacy – and later to destroy his presidency in an effort to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election.

It was not just Comey and his abettors at the FBI who conjured this illicit scheme. There were others outside the walls of the J. Edgar Hoover Building who were both instrumental and complicit.

Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee furnished the necessary funds. Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS acted as the facilitator. And ex-British spy Christopher Steele provided the fabricated “dossier” that served as a pretext for launching the investigation of Trump.

This brings us to the steps of the Justice Department and a high-ranking official who was essential to the scheme.
He goes on the criticize Ohr's actions in dealing with Steele and his discredited dossier.  The Russian collusion investigation appears to be completely imploding and the anti-Trump media is doing its best to ignore it.


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