The revolution of 2016

Susan Shelly:
During any revolution, there are people who remain fiercely loyal to the existing government. Successful revolutionaries always have to deal with those who spend their time plotting to restore the ancien régime.

That’s the term for the political and social system of hereditary monarchy and nobility that existed in France until 1789, and in the United States until Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election.

Was the outcome of the 2016 presidential race an election victory or a revolution?

In an election, voters make a choice between potential leaders. In a revolution, people rise up and throw out the whole system.

Typically after an election, the people on the losing side regroup, find a candidate and begin a conventional campaign to win back their old jobs.

But that’s not what happened after 2016. Instead, ex-officials of the government including former FBI Director James Comey leaked like a cracked dam in an effort to bring an early end to Donald Trump’s presidency. Comey admitted to Congress that he leaked documents in the hope of triggering the appointment of a special counsel.

The plotting against President Trump appears to have begun before he was elected. We’ll know more when the Justice Department’s inspector general completes his report on why and how the FBI commenced its Trump-Russia investigation.

But we know already that the FBI recently fired the man who originally headed that investigation, Peter Strzok. He’s the official who texted another FBI employee about an “insurance policy” against Trump becoming president, as well as “We’ll stop him,” in response to a question about whether Trump would be elected.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal that he revoked former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance in part because he led the “rigged witch hunt” into charges that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government.
Justice seems hard to come by when it comes to those behind the coup plot against the winner of the election.  It is frustrating seeing nothing done to many of the people responsible for the coup attempt from Hillary Clinton on down.  If Jeff Session appointed Hagar to investigate it, where are the indictments?  The cases seem pretty obvious from Hillary Clinton's clear mishandling of classified material to her failure to follow campaign finance laws by using a law firm as a cut out in the hiring of Fusion GPS and the bogus dossier used to get the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign.  Politics does not get much dirtier.


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