Brits say 'no' to EU human rights wackos

British soldiers will never again face a legal witch hunt, Theresa May will pledge as she says that European human rights laws will no longer apply on the battlefield.

In a joint announcement with Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, the Prime Minister will say that UK troops will be protected from the “industry of vexatious claims that has pursued those who served in previous conflicts”.

Mrs May and Sir Michael will say that in future conflicts Britain will opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), protecting our frontline forces from “spurious” legal claims.

Their intervention is a major victory for soldiers, MPs and senior military figures who have fought against the hounding of troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan over allegations that date back as long ago as 2003.

The Daily Telegraph has repeatedly highlighted the plight of British troops facing criminal and civil allegations of abuse in the aftermath of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The claims, in which “victims” used the ECHR to demand millions of pounds in compensation, prompted Sir Michael to describe the treatment of soldiers as a “witch-hunt”.

The Iraq Historic Allegations Team (Ihat) is investigating almost 1,500 allegations of mistreatment and unlawful killing of Iraqis, while a separate inquiry, Operation Northmoor, is looking at more than 550 allegations of abuse in Afghanistan dating back to 2005.

As part of Tuesday’s announcement, the Government will set a time limit after which no new cases can be brought.

There are also plans to reduce the financial incentives allowing legal firms to bring cases against British troops on a “no win, no fee” basis.
This nonsense was reason enough to exit the EU.  It became a scam and the trial lawyers ran amok harassing troops with sometimes bogus claims and soaking the taxpayers.  The ECHR also required the Brits to keep terrorists housed in public housing instead of deporting them.


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