Justice Department officials more interested in protecting Clinton's political viability than FBI's integrity

NY Times:

Justice Dept. Told F.B.I. Chief: Email Move Defied Policy

Senior Justice Department officials warned Mr. Comey against talking about current criminal investigations or being seen as meddling in elections.
The failure to tell Congress about the reopening of the investigation would have created a political cloud over any Clinton administration and created an even bigger scandal.  I get the impression the top DOJ officials were blocking the investigation and creating this untenable situation by not calling a grand jury that would have allowed the FBI to seize the devices, to begin with.  If they had done that all of this information would have been gathered well before this time in the political cycle.

BTW, I suspect that one of the "senior Justice Department officials" was Loretta Lynch who seems to be running interference for Clinton in the hopes of being reappointed.

Obama also should have followed the George W. Bush practice of saying any employee of the government who takes the 5th amendment will be terminated.  They could still take it but it would be a career ending decision.  There is absolutely no excuse for allowing someone in the IT department of the State Department to take the fifth on a matter of potential national security.


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