The media's Wikileaks cover up

Daily Caller:
This has been a constant theme in coverage of the WikiLeaks release of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s by major liberal news outlets, to ignore the actual newsworthy content in the release and focus on boring process stories. The Washington Post has not written on Hillary Clinton telling Goldman Sachs that American allies fund terrorists and opposition to immigration is “un-American.”

The same is true at The New York Times. When national political correspondent Jonathan Martin was asked on Twitter why he isn’t covering WikiLeaks, he replied saying that a WikiLeaks story was on the front page the day before.

The story was: “Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Strained to Hone Her Message, Hacked Emails Show.”

The front page piece is about the emails showing Clinton staffers and allies discussing her views on several issues and how to deal with Vice President Joe Biden entering the race and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ insurgent candidacy.

The same day that article was published, Oct. 11, The Daily Caller reported that Clinton told bankers in private Saudi Arabia, a major Clinton Foundation donor, is the number one exporter of “extreme ideology,” and that New York Times writer and CNBC anchor John Harwood had given John Podesta advice. Both stories have yet to be covered by the Times.
The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin said the emails didn’t show Hillary as “some kind of radical liberal.” According to him, “that’s the reveal.”

Yet, a week before Martin’s comment it was revealed Clinton “dreams” of an open border in North America. The Associated Press’ Lisa Lerer’s comments also show succinctly how the liberal press corps views the leaks.

She described them “like reading one of the post-campaign books while the campaign is still going on.” Lerer later added, “there haven’t been any real bombshells.”

According to Lerer’s thinking, CNN sharing a town hall question with Clinton is not a “bombshell,” nor is Hillary’s comment that Saudi Arabia, Qater, and the United Arab Emirates are essentially state-sponsors of terror. These are nations we give billions of dollars in military aid to. The AP has not covered those remarks....
There is much more.

Liberals seem blind to their own candidate's screw ups and bombshells.  Major inconsistencies by their favored candidates are merely nuance in their minds.  They make excuses for her lies as necessary to govern, however, if a Republican did the same thing it would be a major scandal in their eyes.


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