Stark evidence of the Clinton pay for play scheme at the State Department

Daily Caller:
Newly released emails show that Hillary Clinton’s top State Department adviser, Huma Abedin, granted access to the then-secretary of state during overseas diplomatic visits based upon Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) donor status.

A Dec. 4, 2012 email obtained by Citizens United and shared exclusively with The Daily Caller shows that Paul McElearney, CGI’s head of member development, emailed Abedin asking if he could meet with Hillary Clinton during her trip to Ireland two days later.

Abedin said that she could accommodate McElearney, and he then asked if several other people, including two CGI sponsors, could also meet Clinton. McElearney forwarded four names for Abedin’s consideration.


The email is just the latest to show that State Department access was granted to donors to the Clintons’ various causes, including the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation.
It would be hard to make it more clear that if you donated to the Clinton Global Initiative you got access to the Secretary of State. This should be front page news on every major paper and it would be if a Republican was doing it.


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