Different perspectives on the Gingrich-Kelly confrontation

NY Times:

Clash of Kelly and Gingrich Is a Pivotal Moment for Fox

Megyn Kelly’s divergent approach at Fox News took a different turn in her exchange with Newt Gingrich and again raised the question of the channel’s future.
I did not find the back and forth all that interesting, but the reaction to it was.  Liberals, especially those in the media, thought Kelly was great, and Trump supporters though Gingrich really put her argument down.

If you are in the group that thinks the election should turn on whether Trump cops a feel of women who might not be interested in him, then Kelly makes your argument.  Trump supporters tend to see him as something of a braggart but they are willing to overlook that because of their distaste for Hillary Clinton.

However, if you are a Clinton backer, you should be looking to win on the issues so you will have a better shot at governing.  Because if you win because Trump is seen as a groper, your only mandate is opposition to gropers.

Trump has really been a disruptive force within Fox.  He has passionate backers and detractors among the talent at the network.  My own view is that the conflict has made the network unwatchable.  Kelly's own program has suffered in the ratings because of the conflict.  The changes at the top have not enhanced the viewer experience.


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