The Democrats plan to demonize Cruz and Rubio if they got the nomination

Washington Examiner:
The DNC compiled hundreds of pages of opposition research against Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz as well.

Many of the planned attacks on Cruz and Rubio mirrored those either Republican would have leveled back at Clinton.

For example, the campaign weighed a plan to attack Cruz for refusing to disclose the amount his father, Rafael Cruz, was paid for speeches, as well as the fact that he once paid a $200 late fee for failing to file his financial disclosure to the Senate on time.

Clinton's team dedicated an entire chapter to the ways Rubio "cashed in on his influence to boost his income."

Democratic operatives collected the most ammunition to use against Rubio. His 431-page research book was far longer than the 201 pages dedicated to Cruz or the 157 pages written about Trump.

The "top narratives" Democrats would have deployed against Rubio included his "reckless" foreign policy and his "troubling record on women's issues." Operatives considered highlighting Cruz's "obstructionist" history in the Senate.
The campaign against Cruz would have focused almost entirely on the stands he took against legislation he wanted to dismantle, such as the pressure he put on Congress to defund Obamacare.

Cruz is a radical, divisive politician who has thus far done little other than block legislation and recklessly gamble with America's economy. His sole accomplishment as a Senator is forcing a government shutdown that cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars, and he has spent the rest of his time burning bridges with his colleagues by hijacking the legislative process for his own personal political gain.

But the DNC concocted the most scathing "top narratives" on which to hammer Trump, focusing on his "fear-mongering, divisiveness and racism," as well as his lifetime pursuit of profit.
There is much more.

I think Cruz was best positioned to respond to these attacks and his "obstruction" of Obamacare was popular especially outside the beltway where the voters live.   He was also better suited to debate Clinton on the issues like gun control and the supreme court.  Many of her arguments she used in the recent debate would have been decimated by Cruz.  She just made stuff up about the Heller decision and she is still talking about the nonexistent "gun show loophole."

What is clear is that whoever got the nomination would be demonized to the point of being unrecognizable by the Democrats.   The GOP should study this Wikileaks material to prepare for the next campaign.


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