The chances of her imposing a 'no fly' zone are remote and fraught with danger

Josh Rogan:
Will Clinton deliver on her promises about Syria?
In a recent debate, she was still talking about a no-fly zone as Putin was in the process of putting in a sophisticated radar system intended to stop any US attacks on his forces.  To impose one at this time would risk World War II.  The ship has already sailed on the opportunity to halt the barrel bomb attacks of Assad.

Her problem is that she hates the military and has little understanding of strategy or tactics.  That is why she screwed up so badly in Libya.

The real challenge in Syria, assuming the Mosul operation is successful is finding a way to knock out the ISIL caliphate while supposed ally Turkey is seeking to annihilate the Kurds, the only effective fighting force on the US side in that part of the conflict.

She has a history of screwing up most of the things she has tried in the foreign policy arena.  I do not expect that to change if she is elected.


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