Trump supporters take heart from Clinton's new email woes

Michael Goodwin:
It looks as if the gods finally got sick of her.

Maybe it was the web of sleaze revealed by WikiLeaks or her brash talk of making nutty Joe Biden secretary of state.

Or maybe Hillary Clinton just ignored too many maxims, including the one that if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. (No offense to real dogs, because Anthony Weiner is a lower species.)

Whatever the breaking point, fate jumped aboard the Trump Train yesterday. Because Big Mo already was a passenger, there is now a growing chance that Donald Trump will be America’s 45th president.

We can’t know for sure what will happen in 10 days, but some things are certain. One is that events have a vote and the FBI letter to Congress is the most dramatic event in a campaign that has been positively bursting with them.

October surprises don’t get any bigger.

Suddenly, the “Access Hollywood” tape doesn’t look so crucial. And the certainty that Dems would take both houses of Congress dissolves into illusion.

And it’s largely because FBI ­Director James Comey, who recently gave Clinton new life by not prosecuting her, is reopening a wound as well as an investigation. His letter, though brief and shy on details, tells us enough to reinforce the widely held conviction that Clinton remains dishonest and untrustworthy, even with the FBI.
With the undecided voters hovering in the 15 percent range this may give Trump a chance if he can manage not to step on his tongue for the next week or so.  Unfortunately, for Trump, that is a tall order.  It is hard to say who he will pick his next fruitless fight with, but if he can avoid doing so he will have the best chance he has had since the nomination.


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