The case of the rigged election

Christina Del Sesto:
Elections can be stolen in the United States. It happened to my grandfather.
It is the story about how Democrats in Rhode Island refused to honor the election results that would have put a Republican governor in office.
Time magazine wrote on Dec. 31, 1956: “Winning by a slim 427 votes out of almost 390,000 cast … Chris Del Sesto, 49, was elected Rhode Island’s first Republican governor in 16 years.” His opponent, incumbent Dennis J. Roberts disapproved of Del Sesto’s win, and by exploiting a legal loophole put into effect in 1911 he “sought to have 5,602 tide-turning absentee and shut-in ballots disqualified” by four state Supreme Court justices whom Roberts had played a role in installing. The fifth justice recused himself. He was the governor’s brother.


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