Iraqi special ops fighting ISIL for Mosul embrace the American way of fighting

LA Times:
An Iraqi band of brothers: They watch 'American Sniper' and play 'Call of Duty' – and they're out to recapture Mosul

Hussein’s favorite movie is “Black Hawk Down.” His soldiers have seen “American Sniper” and “The Expendables,” some several times. Their Humvees are stenciled with the skull symbol of the American comic book hero “The Punisher,” adopted as an emblem by “American Sniper” Chris Kyle. They play “Call of Duty” and post selfies in uniform flashing peace signs. For meals, they must often deal with MREs, the standard field rations of the U.S. military.

Many of his soldiers wear battlefield apparel manufactured by Southern California-based 5.11 Tactical. They carry American M-4 carbines.

“Our supplies, training and equipment are American,” Hussein said, but, “I’m an Iraqi soldier.”
This is a long piece but it gives a good feel for the combat operations against ISIL by some of Iraq's best troops.


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