Clinton chances in Texas are not good

NY Times:

Could Clinton Win Texas? Democrats Say Maybe

The state has voted for the G.O.P. candidate in the past nine presidential elections, but Donald J. Trump may have created an opening for Hillary Clinton.
I have seen no evidence that Clinton has sufficient support in Texas to carry the state.  In fact, there is little evidence she is actually got any support in the state, although I am sure she will get some votes in heavily Democrat areas.

If yard signs were considered a leading indicator, Trump will carry Texas in a landslide.  The down ballot races in Texas are probably even stronger for Republican candidates.  Many of them do not even have Democrat opponents.  For example, in Texas Senate races only two have Democrat opponents and they are not seen as competitive.

This story looks like a Democrat effort to suppress the GOP vote.  That is apparently a key element in the Clinton campaign as revealed by the O'Keefe videos of Democrat operatives.


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