Hillary Clinton's memory disabiity

Bruce Bialosky:
... there are the responses to the questions from Judicial Watch which were under oath and were ordered by a federal judge. If you take the time to read them (please don’t; I will save you the pain) you learn something that is really clear: if Hillary Clinton is elected president of the United States, we will be marred in a malaise of legalese. Surely her responses should be reviewed by her lawyers, but the question is whether she even read the responses before they were submitted. This is a continuation of the legal tactic -- “baffle them with horse manure” --that her husband perfected while in office and Obama has perpetuated. The average citizen soon will have to have an attorney just to deal with any matters with its government.

But again the most common statement in her answers was “Secretary Clinton does not recall.” If it were not such a serious matter you would think this lady was either highly medicated or a stoner. Her memory of the official matters she dealt with is dismal. But somehow she remembers Colin Powell telling her to use a private email account at a cocktail party.

It would seem at this point the easier question to ask the former secretary of state is what she remembers at all from her term as secretary of state.
Ms. Clinton famously was unaware of the security requests from her people in Libya (oh, that old canard). There were 600 requests or expressions of concern for improving the security there that Secretary Clinton said never reached her desk.

There are two distinct problems here. Ms. Clinton spoke of her close relationship with Ambassador Chris Stevens. It is hard to believe that with all those levels of concern coming from Libya that Stevens never brought them directly to the attention of Ms. Clinton.

The second is the level of mismanagement. There is delegation and then there is irresponsibly being out of touch with your underlings. There is setting proper parameters for when things should hit your desk. There is woeful ignorance. This was Libya, after all; not the Bahamas.
Her forgetfulness is uncommon for events that should have been memorable.  It leads to the conclusion  that she suffers from a mental defect or is not telling the truth.  Since she has shown an ability to remember less substantive matters it si easy to conclude that she is not honest in her answers to the questions.


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