Trump movement continues to be motivated by sense of betrayal by Congressional leadership

NY Times:

Trump Allies Are Focusing Anger on G.O.P. Leaders

Some in the deeply factionalized Republican Party are already fanning the flames for a revolt against the House speaker, Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin.
The congressional leaderships' decision to go along with funding of Obamacare and Obama's illegal amnesty has been a motivating factor for Trump voters all along, and the recent disputes with those leaders over things Trump has said during the campaign  only adds to that sense of betrayal.  Trump voters do not want to work with Democrats.  They want to defeat them and their bad ideas.

The typical Trump voter did not trust Ted Cruz all that much despite his conflicts with the congressional leadership.  They treated him as if he were tainted by even shaking hands with them.  If Hillary Clinton is elected it will be very hard for Republicans to work with her on much of anything that supports her current agenda.

They will oppose her of Immigration, gun laws and her "fix" for Obamacare.  She will be as distrusted as Obama is, and it will have zero to do with her gender.  They literally believe that the liberal agenda is one that is destroying America.  That makes compromise impossible for them.


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