The problem with using inadequate force in warfare

Washington Post:
Why it’s taking so long for the U.S. and its allies to finish off the Islamic State in Libya

The elusiveness of victory underscores the challenges including the limitations of local fighting forces and the corrosive effects of local political feuds.
Obama's strategy is to use local forces with minimal support from special ops.  This leads to a raiding strategy because he has provided an inadequate force for a combined arms combat persisting strategy that would wipe out the Islamic State in a matter of weeks if not days.

When it comes to winning wars, Obama is not too smart, but makes the mistake of thinking that he is brilliant. That causes him to blunder in multiple ways.  He ordered the retreat from Iraq that gave ISIL room to grow.  He reduced the force in Afghanistan that allowed a Taliban resurgence.  He overthrew the Libyan government without any plan to get control of the weapons that subsequently fell into the hands of terrorists who hate us.

Neither of the two candidates for President offer much promise in this area, although Trump might listen to the generals.  Hillary Clinton was one of the authors of the mess in Libya and there is little reason to believe she has gotten any smarter.


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