This is not doom for GOP

Kyle Smith:
To hear liberal concern trolls tell it, the presumed defeat of Donald Trump will be the end of the Republican Party.

Today’s GOP Crackup Is the Final Unraveling of Nixon’s Southern Strategy,” said The Nation.

Donald Trump Takes to Twitter to Stoke a GOP Civil War,” claimed Mother Jones.

GOP Civil War: Trump Camp Officially Severs Ties with Ohio GOP Chairman,” said Talking Points Memo.

In The Washington Post, Robert Costa put the apocalypse in this tweet: “The election ends in 19 days. A grievance movement looms. Norms shattered, a city paralyzed. A party at war.”

I could go on for, according to Google, approximately 9,888,000 more examples. And to be fair, many conservatives believe we are having a Fort Trumpter moment, too.

But Trump’s tangles with other Republicans won’t develop into anything, because Trump will go away. And the Trump page in American history won’t actually change much in the Republican Party.

Assuming Trump loses by a large margin, which appears to be the likeliest outcome, Trump voters will hardly be in a position to lecture the rest of the party on what a great candidate he was, or how his ideas represented a promising new future, though they will spend a few weeks fuming at the so-called “Cuckservatives” who reject all identity politics — including white identity politics.

Horrified by virtually everything Hillary Clinton says and does, everyone on the right will join forces because our great common interest is control of the Senate in 2018. Midterm elections generally favor the party that does not hold the White House. Clinton will come into office with unprecedented disapproval ratings, and the map will hugely favor Republicans.

Five Democratic senators will be defending seats in red states, with several more looking vulnerable in swing states. Roll Call estimates that Democrats have cause to worry about perhaps 11 seats. Overall, Democrats will be defending 24 seats against only 10 for the Republicans.
There is more.

I agree with Smith.  I would add that Hillary Clinton has screwed up every job she has had and she will have no mandate since her victory will be premised on the fact that she is not Trump and not on any acceptance of her stated policies which are so unpopular she is constantly trying to dodge responsibility for them.


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