Alleged Russia hacker arrested, and Russians want him back

Russian alleged hacker arrested in Prague over cyber-attacks in US

  • Czech police acted on Interpol warrant with cooperation from FBI
  • Moscow demands suspect be handed over to Russia
In a statement on Wednesday, the FBI said the man was “suspected of conducting criminal activities targeting US interests” but gave no more details. “As cybercrime can originate anywhere in the world, international cooperation is crucial to successfully defeat cyber adversaries,” it said.
“The (Russian) embassy has been taking all necessary efforts to protect the interests of this Russian citizen. We are in contact with his attorney,” the embassy statement said.

“Russia repudiates Washington’s policy of imposing its extraterritorial jurisdiction on all countries. We insist that the detainee is handed over to Russia.”
The action of the Russian embassy makes it sound like the guy is one of their operatives.  The Russian argument on extraterritorial jurisdiction is bogus.  Countries have a right to prosecute anyone who causes harm within their borders whether the person causing the harm is there or not.  I took a similar case to the Texas Court of Criminal appeals back in the 1970's.  The case has been cited several times since then.


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