The left lies about tax cuts

 Red States:

One of Donald Trump’s key achievements in his first four years of office was passing a massive tax cut which lowered the rates for 80+% of Americans. Despite that, Democrats have waged a relentless misinformation campaign purporting that the tax cuts only went to the rich and that the middle class were not helped. That’s objectively not true, but that hasn’t stopped the left from showing they apparently have no idea how tax returns work.

 Enter this video from NowThis News, which shows a montage of people complaining that they got less money back on their return this year.

The level of ignorance here is stunning.

To even begin to explain how, we have to acknowledge how taxes and returns work. You see, normally, when the government takes more of your money per year, they end up taking too much for the tax bracket your average middle class person is in. That means that you get more money back in your return. But that’s not because you are now richer than you otherwise would have been. Taxes later given back on a tax return were an interest free loan you are gave to Uncle Sam. In any other context outside of government, we’d call it getting scammed.

In other words, a smaller return is a good thing. It means you kept more money overall and had the cash in hand much sooner.

The video immediately got smacked around by those sharing a dose of reality about the situation.


There is more.

Why people think giving the government an interest-free loan of their money is a good thing is a mystery.  If you are getting the money every payday rather than having to wait until you filed your tax return is a wiser use of your money and it benefits you immediately. 


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