Hunter worried about losing his Burisma gig after Joe left office

 John Solomon:

After his father left office as vice president, Hunter Biden lamented to a business partner in spring 2017 that his lucrative and controversial relationship with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings was in danger of falling apart. 

"I was fighting for the only income I have left right now from Burisma," Hunter Biden wrote in a series of terse, f-bomb-laden text messages in June 2017 to Tony Bobulinski, the chief executive officer of a China-related venture the Biden family was creating at the time. 

The messages were contained in dump of communications that Bobulinski, now a whistleblower to the Senate and FBI, made public in the last week. They were independently verified by Just the News with one of the recipients and provide fresh evidence that Hunter Biden's business fortunes appeared in many ways tied to his father's proximity to power. 


 The newly released Bobulinski text messages, along with documents obtained by Just the News under the Freedom of Information Act, add a new twist to the long-running saga. They indicate Hunter Biden's work with Burisma — and possibly part of his compensation — may have been tied to a gas deal in neighboring Kazakhstan that was struck in 2014 shortly after the vice president's son was added to Burisma's board. 

By spring 2017, Hunter Biden was worried that his Burisma income was in jeopardy and linked that income to his "position" in the Kazakh deal, according to the text messages and separate interviews. 

The text message exchanges on June 4-5, 2017 came as an agitated Hunter Biden described to Bobulinski why he had not been more attentive to matters in a separate China deal the two were involved with. 

"F[expletive] you Tony, I wasn't asleep and those guys work for the Ukrainians and they think I haven't left my room in 3 days," Hunter Biden texted. "I was on Nikolais boat arguing about my position in their Kazakh deal and it was heated." 

"I couldn't call because I was fighting for the only income I have left right now from Burisma. It was a very heated and very tense and extremely unavoidable meeting negotiation that had a lot more at stake than me meeting you to say I'm not sending that letter to the Chairman under any circumstances," Hunter Biden added in the texts.  


There is much more.

The tangled web of Hunter Biden is something Joe has not really responded to other than to lie about it. 



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