Trump has broken the Democrats' lock on the black vote

 Andrea Widburg:

Before Trump took office, conventional wisdom was that American blacks would never vote Republican.  As Lyndon Johnson reputedly said after passing the Civil Rights Act, "I'll have those n------ voting Democratic for the next 200 years."  It didn't matter that Democrats broke their promises or that their policies worsened the plight of inner-city blacks.  Black voters remained loyal.  This year, though, after Trump spent four years making a positive difference for black America, blacks are breaking ranks and openly supporting President Trump.

Thomas Sowell wrote in 2016, shortly before Trump was elected, "Black votes matter.  If Republicans could get 20 percent of black votes, the Democrats would be ruined."  He added, though, "This is highly unlikely, given the approach used by Republicans."

Thankfully, Trump jettisoned the traditional Republican approach to blacks, which was to ignore them.  He supercharged the economy, which helped blacks.  He choked off illegal immigration, which helped blacks.  He reversed the disastrous 1994 Crime Bill that sent generations of black sons, brothers, and fathers to prison.  He partnered with Sen. Tim Scott to create opportunity zones in black communities.  He also worked with faith leaders, academics, musicians, and Kardashians, always with an eye not to aggrandizing himself, but truly to improving the quality of black life in America.

Trump's efforts have paid off.  Van Jones, a black progressive, has acknowledged that Trump's efforts have improved life for poor blacks.  Van Jones isn't the only black person to notice these positive changes.

Today, Trump tweeted out a video showing a man named Barry praising Trump's policies, promises, and brains.  Even more than his praise for Trump, Barry's understanding of Biden — his criminality, his racism, his uselessness, and his affinity for China — is epic:

In Flint, Michigan, lifelong Democrat Maurice Davis, who voted for Hillary in 2016, stood before a cheering Trump-supporting crowd and announced that he too was supporting Donald Trump.  He had looked at the crumbling community around him and harked back to Trump's question four years ago: "What have you got to lose?"  The Trump administration, said Davis, had reached out to him.  That mattered.  And he got a loving welcome from Republicans, which mattered, too, because he is a patriot and wants the country to come together.  His short speech is very moving:


Trump has also made significant inroads with the rapper community.  I think he has a real shot at getting 20 to 30 percent of the black vote and maybe more.  The pollsters do not say much about this although some are showing increased support.  They are saying that suburban women are what is putting Biden in the lead.  If you watch any of the Trump rallies you will see that they are obviously populated by suburban women in great numbers.  I have noticed that on Facebook, this demographic is large as the contingent of men who support Trump.  

I think the Biden campaign is getting worried about the black vote.


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