Why the corrupt media is trying desperately to ignore the Biden corruption story

 Rush Limbaugh:

Bobulinski Interview Confirms Biden Corruption Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

 I hope a number of you saw Tucker Carlson’s interview last night with Tony Bobulinski. We have some audio sound bites from it if you didn’t. I think the best way to sum it up is that it is now beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe Biden knew. Joe Biden has lied through his aging teeth each time he has said that he never spoke to his son about any of the business dealings his son had with companies or agents in China or Ukraine, or it turns out any number of other places.

Biden has been lying from the get-go about this. And now this is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Joe knew, he had to have known, and common sense would tell us that he knew. He set it up. It was Joe Biden’s name that provided all of the credibility anybody needed. Joe Biden’s family was set up to reap huge financial rewards for providing influence for the ChiCom government, Chinese agencies and companies, and ditto the same thing in Ukraine. Now, Tony Bobulinski, this man comes off as extremely credible. He’s got nothing to gain here. He’s got much more to lose by coming forward.

 He’s now had to hire a SEAL team to provide security for his family because he’s under threat now having gone public with this. He said he met twice with Joe Biden, once at the Milken — maybe both times — at the Milken conference, which is a big deal, it’s at the Beverly Hilton Hotel out in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. I have appeared at the Milken conference. I was on a panel with Willie Brown, Harold Ford, and Frank Luntz some years ago.

It’s a big deal. People come to this thing from all over the world to chat about business, finance, culture, any number of things, sponsored by Michael Milken, of course. And this is where Biden needed to meet Tony Bobulinski. And this is where Biden signed off on Bobulinski running the Biden family affair that ended up being tied together with the Chinese government and businesses, and the same thing in Ukraine.

Now, to my mind, folks — we watched this last night — one of the most outrageous parts of it all was where Hunter Biden and the Chinese energy company were trying to bypass U.S. sanctions on Russia by having one of the companies that Bobulinski had been hired to run — of course, he was aced out of this, and this is what caused the red flags to start going up — U.S. sanctions were in place on Russia, and here are the Bidens attempting to get around them, to bypass the U.S. sanctions on Russia by having their company buy 14% of Russia’s-state-run oil company so they could sell the oil on the world market and avoid U.S. sanctions.

Now, this was a deal Bobulinski said that was gonna cost ’em $9 billion to pick up 14% of this company. I mean, for crying out loud, folks, the whole Russian conspiracy hoax was based on the lie that Donald Trump had promised Putin that he would lift sanctions on Russia if Putin would help him get elected. Look at what this really is.

Here we have the Bidens trying to bypass U.S. sanctions just to make themselves rich. And they are bypassing American policy. U.S. sanctions. They are taking steps here that would damage the policy of their country, the United States, so that they would personally benefit. And this has been documented. And Bobulinski, I’m telling you, he was imminently credible. He’s got nothing to gain by going public here. And he was very concerned.


There is much more.

Biden is a corrupt politician who has been monetizing the Office of the Vice President to enrich his family and it looks like himself.  Much of the US media is openly trying to hide this corruption from the voters and to the extent they talk about it at all they try to excuse the corruption.  These are some of the same people who tried to attack Trump for renting hotel rooms at his establishments around the world.


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