The idiocy of the Philly riots

 Stephen Kruiser:


 Philadelphia — the one part of Pennsylvania solidly in the Biden camp — endured another night of rioting because police officers who were being threatened defended themselves.

Once again, America is looking at a large, Democrat-run city going up in flames because law enforcement officers were confronted with violence and had to respond in the moment.

From Bryan’s post:

Philadelphia, Pa., erupted into its second straight night of violent riots following the police shooting death of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. Monday afternoon.

Video of the incident shows two police officers backing away from the man, who was wielding a knife and coming toward the officers. His mother is seen futilely attempting to hold him back, before officers fire on him, killing him. At one point in the video, officers can be heard ordering Wallace to put down the knife.

The anti-police message of the Black Lives Matter movement has brought the country to a place where anything that law enforcement officers do to address a violent situation in the moment is ripe for condemnation. That’s an easy stance to take for armchair cops who are busy fomenting outrage from their keyboards.

 The ensuing violence is portrayed as being about “justice” but is always just about being violent and getting free stuff. Here is an illustration of that from my Townhall colleague Julio Rosas:

Nothing says “Let’s fight for justice!” like looting TVs from a Walmart.

This kind of violence has not only been condoned by Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, it’s been embraced. Every urban conflagration that’s happened since May has been celebrated by the upper echelons of the Democratic party.

This is the choice we face as a country going forward. Do we want the party that has a very casual relationship with violent mobs to be in charge of everything or would we prefer some adults in the room? The Democrats have been so supportive of the violence since May that there is no reason to believe it will end even if they win everything next week. Rioting has become their modus operandi now.


It is remarkably easy to avoid being shot by the police.  Do not resist arrest and do not threaten the life of a police officer.  It really is that simple.  Assaulting a police officer is a deadly mistake and rioting because someone made that mistake is absurd.  The victims of this riot should sue BLM for encouraging this kind of conduct.  It is a rich organization that has received substantial funding from American businesses and stores that have been looted by these protesters should seek compensation from BLM. 


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