Joe Biden's proposed solution to Covid is one Trump is already using

 PJ Media:

Joe Biden has been running around the country criticizing President Trump’s COVID-19 response. Some of his criticisms have been strange. For example, Biden says he would implement the Defense Production Act so manufacturers could be forced to produce needed medical supplies domestically. Perhaps he missed the news, but President Trump invoked the DPA on April 2, 2020.

 While the administration preferred to negotiate with corporations to make needed supplies, they did use the power the DPA provides for leverage to nudge companies in the right direction. The team also created an unprecedented public-private partnership to approve masks and sterilization equipment, and to completely revamp domestic swab producers. It also stood up a global supply-chain operation to pick up and deliver needed supplies using exceptionally effective military logistics experts.

President Trump has said he will use the same supply-chain expertise to distribute a vaccine when it becomes available. But it seems everyone has forgotten the hundreds of details from the initial pandemic response shared daily by the Coronavirus Task Force. Joe Biden sure has. Of course, he often can’t remember what state he is inwhat office he is running for, or who he is running against.

Because details escape him and Biden’s COVID-19 plan is cribbed from what the Trump administration has done, he focuses his criticism on President Trump’s public comments. He says these comments prove the president does not listen to the scientists. Brace yourself. This ad completely destroys that narrative in under a minute.

 The ad juxtaposes Biden and Harris’ criticisms of President Trump’s COVID-19 comments with Dr. Anthony Fauci making the same public statements in his own media appearances. Just like Trump, Fauci said at one point that masks are not necessary. Just like Trump, Fauci said the virus should recede with warmer weather. It seriously looks like Biden and Harris are criticizing Dr. Fauci, not the president.

At the end of the video, Dr. Fauci admits he was wrong about a lot of things. One has to wonder if he will resent this montage as much as he resented being placed in a Trump campaign ad praising the pandemic response.

When you look at the timeframes in which the president made these comments, they match Fauci’s talking points. It is up to the listener to decide whether Trump was listening to Fauci or vice-versa. However, since Fauci has said publicly that President Trump listened to the health experts, the former seems more likely.


It looks like Biden is not the only one in his campaign who shoots off his mouth without checking the facts.  At least Biden has the excuse of suffering from dementia.  What is his staff's excuse? 


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