Biden's energy policy is a massive gift to Putin and Russia

 Washington Post:

Over the past four years, the Russian president has succeeded in growing his nation’s influence at America’s expense.

The tumult at home is solely the responsibility of the militant wing of the Democrat party, Antifa and BLM.  Blaming Trump for the acts of these miscreants acting on behalf of Democrats is absurd.

As for gifts to Putin, Biden' energy policy is a big one:

Biden’s debate-night stumble on oil highlights the delicate tightrope he must walk on climate change

Telling the truth about what will happen if he pushes the absurd Green New Deal is not a stumble it is an admission.  Biden's policy would also make Europe more dependent on Russian gas instead of US LNG.  It is a strategic blunder of major proportions.
Biden's energy policies would be a disaster not only for energy-producing states but for the whole country.  It would more than double the cost of electricity and make people dependent on unreliable and inefficient alternative energy.  California is already experiencing the downside of this screwy plan.


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