Higher ed has to tighten its belt

 NY Times:

Colleges Slash Budgets in the Pandemic, With ‘Nothing Off-Limits’

Liberal arts departments, graduate student aid and even tenured teaching positions are targets as the coronavirus causes shortfalls.

What they should do is dump some of the BS majors where they charge students confiscatory prices for degrees that are mostly worthless and students are left with huge debts that can never be repaid.  The ethnic and gender studies departments are of little to no value in the real world.  The garbage courses teaching anti-white racism should go. Any course glorifying Marxism and communism should be dropped.  Anyone who thinks socialism is a superior system to capitalism is ignorant of both history and economics.

They also need to cut their overhead by reducing the size of the administration and the salaries of administrators.  They are some of the most overpaid people in this country and they are being paid by pushing student loans of unsophisticated borrowers.


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