Why do liberals still pretend that radical Islam is not a problem that requires vetting of refugees?

Washington Post:
Attacker at Paris airport was previously suspected of having radical Islamist views

The man was fatally shot after trying to seize a rifle from a soldier at Orly airport after earlier wounding an officer in a traffic stop. He had not appeared on certain watch lists, but he was on the government radar for Islamic extremism in the past.
So why are Democrats so opposed to a vetting process that would block people like this Islamic terrorist want to be from coming to the west?  What is wrong with asking them questions about their views that would suggest they would be a danger and would not fit in with the American culture.  If these people have a belief in imposing a totalitarian Islamic state, that should be a disqualifier, regardless of whether you think it is a religious test or not.

The constitution is not a suicide pact.  Liberal judges are trying to turn it into one.


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