Trump lets the military make military decisions on how to fight the nation's wars

NY Times:

Trump Adopts Hands-Off Style on Military Operations

  • The change reverses what aides and some generals say was the Obama administration’s tendency to micromanage.
  • But the new approach could raise questions of whether President Trump is exercising enough oversight.
Obama was an amateur when it came to fighting wars and surrounded himself with other amateurs on his national security team, keeping the generals and other military experts at arms length.  That is one of the reasons his policies were such a a disaster.  From his decision to retreat from Iraq and pull troops out of Afghanistan to his reluctance to engage against ISIS he made poor decisions.  He was the worst war time leader since Lyndon Johnson.

One of the strengths of the US system for fighting wars is to give maximum flexibility to those charged with fighting it.  From Lieutenants to Generals, orders are given to take certain objectives and those who get the orders develop a plan to accomplish them.  When a President starts telling the ranks how to fight a war, bad things happen.


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