US to increase help to allies fighting Iran's proxies in Yemen?

Washington Post:
White House weighs deeper U.S. military role in Yemen war

The defense secretary’s request to lift Obama-era restrictions on aid to Persian Gulf states would mark a significant shift in U.S. policy, and also be a clear signal of the Trump administration’s intention to move more aggressively against Iran.
This makes more sense than the Obama policy of kowtowing to Iran.  The Persian Gulf states may not be perfect but they are not sending people into the streets shouting "Death to America."  Containing and defeating Iran should be a major aspect of US policy in the region.

BTW, this "analysis" in the Post is way off base and shows the warped thinking of the left when it comes to war policy:
The innocent lives lost amid Trump’s war on terror

Analysts think this surge in deaths may be a product of a shift in the anti-Islamic State campaign under President Trump, who has called for more unfettered action against the jihadists.
The Iraqis who are much closer to the fighting say the increased civilian casualties are the results of ISIL booby-trapping buildings as they leave and not the result of errant air strikes.  But those facts do not fit the left wing narrative that tends to blame the US and Republicans for everything that goes wrong.


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