Media distorts Russian intent regarding Hillary Clinton.

Washington Examiner:
Media reports this week inaccurately played up the idea that FBI Director James Comey said Russia was pushing hard for Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton, by omitting a critical portion of the intelligence community's assessment that said Russia was actually preparing for a Clinton victory, and was seeking to undermine her.
Comey paraphrased the report during his testimony. "When Mr. Trump became the nominee, there was some sense that it'd be great if he could win, be great if we could help him," said Comey. "But we need to hurt her to matter what, and then it shifted to he has no chance, so let's just focus on undermining her. That was the judgment of the intelligence community."

Comey added that Putin "hated" Democrat Hillary Clinton "so much" that his preference was "for the person running against the person he hated so much."
This is why you cannot trust the mainstream media on this issue.  They have an agenda of attacking Trump and they ignore any evidence that does not fit their preferred narrative.


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