UN has demonstrated that it can't be trusted to implement policies consistent with US values

Washington Post:
‘People will simply starve to death’: Why Trump’s plan to slash U.N. funding could lead to global calamity

The world is facing its “largest humanitarian crisis” since 1945, according to the United Nations.
Some of the same people who created the humanitarian crisis are the same ones who blame Israel for the incompetence of the Palestinians leaders.  They also support Palestinian terrorist organizations like Hamas.  By pandering to a beggar culture rather than pushing Palestinians to become self-sufficient they have kept a festering wound open.

Much of the humanitarian crisis also results from the collapse of the Muslim culture across Africa and the Middle East.  These are places where famine is a war strategy and not a byproduct of wars.  Somalia is a classic example of that culture and its war strategies.  Delivering food to the starving only puts one on the side of losers in a war that no one else is willing to fight.  The UN has not been able to develop a strategy to deal with that and money will not fix that problem.


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