Trump rolls back Obama's control freak energy policies

Fuel Fix:
President Donald Trump will begin a sweeping roll back of the Obama administration’s climate policies Tuesday, targeting rules regulating greenhouse gas emissions and policies believed to hinder the domestic energy sector.

Through a series of executive orders and memoranda, Trump will order a review of Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which was expected to shutter a large share of the nation’s coal power plants, as well as rules forcing oil and gas companies to seek out and fix methane leaks at drilling sites, a senior White House official said Monday.

The administration also will also review guidance issued last year by Obama, who instructed federal agencies to consider the impact on climate change when writing policies, as well global warming’s social effects, and its social effects, from economic disruption to higher public health costs.

“This policy is in keeping with President Trump’s desire to make America energy independent,” the White House official said. “The president is not going to pursue climate policy that puts the economy at risk.”
Trump’s actions, for now, will not go so far as to pull the United States from the Paris climate accord, in which close to 200 countries have agreed to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. That decision, the official said, “is still under discussion.”

The measures, however, run counter to the overwhelming scientific consensus that the burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal is accelerating climate change with potentially disastrous social, economic and environmental effects as seas rise, violent storms become more frequent and habitats that help support human populations vanish. Many corporations are considering the potential impact of climate change on their business while more investors are asking companies to consider and account for the impact of climate change on future earnings as they plan ahead.
No one is stopping companies who like the old rules from abiding by them.  But the so-called consensus is one of those fake news stories that distorts reality  It should also be noted that greenhouse gas emissions have not increased in the last three years.

The projections on global warming have been grossly out of step with reality and I suspect it is because they put too much emphasis on CO2 emissions.  When your projections are consistently overstating the effect it is because your assumptions are invalid and the climate scientists have not been able to explain which of their assumptions are off base.  I think a case can be made that their assumptions on CO2 are the cause for overstating potential temperature increases.

If you believed everything the climate scientists have said New York City would be underwater now and the earth would be a frying pan.  Why turn the world over to control freaks when they have been so consistently wrong?


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