NCAA's wrong turn on politics

NY Times:

N.C.A.A. Leader Mark Emmert Says Discrimination Policy Is Clear

Last year, North Carolina was barred from hosting games in the men’s basketball tournament because of a contentious state law. Other states have moved to enact similar bills.
Until the NCAA has to deal with transgender players in sports and their effect on Title IX it should stay out of the politics of which restroom to use.  Pandering to a mental disorder is not the best way to deal with the complications that flow from that disorder.  The same goes for other sports organizations that are trying to dictate restroom and locker room policies to local jurisdictions.

If they don't shut up and play their sports, they will find a shrinking audience for their business.  Just ask Target.  Over 99 percent of the population does not have the transgender disorder.  They should keep that in mind when trying to cram down their weird values to the rest of the population.  Attempting to normalize deviancy is bad for most businesses.


  1. The NCAA was active in trying to force North Carolina to implement Obama's insanity to a whole state who wisely did not agree. I do not watch the NBA and I watch very little of the NFL because of their liberal actions and political correctness. I do not watch a lot of college games either. The left has taken sports and turned them into a microphone for the freaks and communists. They take up for every freakazoid project the left can force on them so the left can use sports to get out their leftist message. Guess what! I do not need television sports.


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