House committee chairman looking at how the surveillance of Trump campaign worked

Devin Nunes: We Don’t Know Which Or How Many People Were Wiretapped (VIDEO)

NUNES: Well, if he’s talking about the unmasking of names, and so if there were other surveillance activities where names were picked up and then unmasking occurred, and that was spread throughout the intelligence community, that is very — that is very possible, and we don’t have the answers to those questions yet. I don’t know if the president has those are not. But we had a deadline of Friday for the NSA, FBI and CIA to get us those names that were unmasked through the FISA system. We didn’t get those names on Friday. So until we get those names, we can’t rule this out.
This is very different from the narrative being pushed by the Democrats and their media cohorts.  "Unmasking" must be a term of art in the intelligence agencies.  But what is clear is that transcripts of conversations were provided to the media of phone conversations and that is a violation of the law.


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