Media pushing a Muslims are stupid meme

Washington Post:
Trump’s security picks deepen Muslim worries about an anti-Islamic White House

Officials warned that the rhetoric by those chosen for top posts could reinforce perceptions that the U.S. is at war against Islam itself and undercut efforts to fight the Islamic State.
You have to have a low regard for the intelligence of Muslims to think that fighting back against radical Islam makes most Muslims want to go commit mass murder for Allah attacks.  Radical Islam is at war with them too, and it is about time that all of them recognized that too.  That will only happen if we are clear about who the enemy is.  Certainly, the approach used by the current administration has not reduced the attacks by radical Islamists.  Mass murder and genocide have been the results of their retreat from the war on terror.

Right now, ISIL is committing mass murder of Muslims as it retreats from Mosul.  Do you think their victims do not understand the dangers of radical Islam?


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