Europe needs to build a wall around Turkey

Fox News:
Turkey threatened Friday to open the migrant floodgates if the European Union halts its membership talks, as criticism grows of Ankara's heavy-handed response to a failed military coup.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's warning — the latest in a series of heated speeches about Europe from top Turkish officials — came a day after EU lawmakers called for a freeze on the talks over the post-coup arrests, dismissals and jailing of tens of thousands of people.

Erdogan's claims that his country has been "betrayed" are a sign of how Turkey's pride has been wounded by the lack of international solidarity Ankara feels has been shown since its political foundations were rocked by the July coup attempt.

"We are the ones who feed 3-3.5 million refugees in this country. You have betrayed your promises," Erdogan said. "If you go any further, those border gates will be opened," he added.

The European Parliament vote Thursday was a response to Ankara's widespread crackdown on potential political enemies.
Turkey has been a lousy ally since before the failed coup attempt and has been much worse after it.  Erdogan has become the despot he apparently always wanted to be.  Europe would be smart to build a wall along its borders with Turkey and should vote to expel him from NATO.


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