Media is just as ignorant of the facts on illegal voting as they claim Trump is

Daily Mail:

Experts tell that Trump was 'more right than his critics' in claiming illegal voting hit the presidential election - but that his 'millions' figure is unlikely to be proven when proper data is examined
Past studies indicated between one and two million illegal votes were cast in US general elections.  Democrats have made it difficult to detect illegal voting by refusing to support voter ID laws.  They have also facilitated it by granting drivers licenses to illegal aliens  in states like California which could result in voter registration under the "motor voter" laws.

California is where Clinton racked up her largest totals.  In addition, there where immigration activist urging people to register to vote regardless of their citizenship status.  Some courts have also held that states cannot require proof of citizenship to vote.

This is a case where absence of evidence is not proof that there were not illegal votes.


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