Military notices Iran behavior has worsened since nuclear deal

The Hill:
The top U.S. military commander in the Middle East said Wednesday he has seen a "bit of an uptick" in bad behavior by Iran since the nation's nuclear deal was signed in January.

Army Gen. Joseph Votel said the agreement, which lifted sanctions on Iran in exchange for limits to its nuclear program, was being "implemented appropriately," but that it has not changed Iranian behavior.

"I am concerned about continued malign activities of Iran across the region," Votel, commander of U.S. Central Command, said at a forum hosted by the Foreign Policy Initiative.

Those included Iran's cyber activities, the use of surrogate forces, facilitation of lethal aid, buildup of missile and anti-access capabilities, and unprofessional and aggressive activities in the Persian Gulf, he said.
The Iranians do not seem too grateful for the rewards they got for foregoing their nuclear weapons activity for a few years.  They appear to be intent on hostility toward the US and its allies in the region and they are the funding they got for doing the deal to pursue their objectives rather than to grow their economy as the Obama administration had hoped.

The US would be wise to prepare for hostilities with Iran and its proxy forces.  It is something that is going to happen regardless of diplomatic moves to appease them.


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