FBI should investigate the connections between the cop shootings

Red States:

It has only been five months since officers were assassinated in Dallas and Baton Rouge. While all the shootings may not be connected, most seem to share the same motive. Ever since a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri shot and killed an assailant in 2014, racial tensions aggravated by inaccurate media reporting have had cops feeling like they have targets on their backs. No small portion of the blame lies with President Obama and his corrupt Justice Department for helping propagate false narratives that inflamed an already dangerous situation. A change in administration may not mitigate the problem either. Since Donald Trump was elected, the left has shown that it is more intent on provoking racial strife than ever.
Three of the four shootings in one day appear almost identical where the shooter approached the police officers and shot them in the face.  That sounds like more than a coincidence.  An arrest has been made in the murder of a San Antonio  officer.  Perhaps we will learn more about the motive and the alleged killers contacts.  I would do an immediate search of his phone and computer records.


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