Proposal for deportation plans presented by candidate to lead DHS

Daily Mail:
They included uncompromising approaches to deportations, providing for the 'rapid build' of the wall that Candidate Trump promised for America's southern border – 1,989 miles of it – and part of a plan that appears targeted at making sure illegal immigrants can't vote in national elections.

The Kobach doctrine would also make good on two other Trump campaign promises: completely ending the Obama administration's Syrian refugee resettlement program and instituting 'extreme vetting' of prospective immigrants from terror-prone countries.
Kobach used the phrase '[e]xtreme vetting questions for high-risk aliens.'

Part of that vetting would include asking them questions about their 'support for Sharia law, jihad, equality of men and women, [and] the United States Constitution.'

Another part of Kobach's proposal could explain how Trump plans to implement what he initially called a temporary 'shutdown on Muslims entering the country,' and later modified to reflect that program of nation-specific 'extreme vetting' rather than a religious test.
There is much more.

I like the interview questions.  I think there would also be a better effort to stop aliens from participating in US elections.


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