The so called 'fake news' meme appears intended to shut down debate from all but liberals

Daily Caller:
PropOrNot, a fledgling nonprofit organization with completely anonymous members, got the Washington Post to uncritically publish a story Thursday about over 200 sites that purportedly disseminate Russian propaganda to millions of Americans.

Obama’s former senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer asked on Twitter, “Why isn’t this the biggest story in the world right now?” MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid took the findings in the report as fact. National correspondent of The Atlantic James Fallows tweeted out the story and mentioned that The Washington Post broke the Watergate story.

Despite the hype behind this story, the credentials of the members of PropOrNot have not been revealed and the guidelines they establish define anyone outside the mainstream as Russian propagandists.

TheDC reached to PropOrNot to find out specific information about who is in the organization, and they responded in an email, “Yes, we can absolutely provide quite a bit of information about the members of our organization on background.”

Despite saying they can provide that information, they haven’t.
There is much more.

This effort sounds like left-wing McCarthyism.  Anonymous people send out lists that appear to include anyone critical of leftest thought as Russian agents.


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