The lazy logic of liberal whining

Tom Shattuck:
The level of shock those on the left are emoting shows that they never thought they had a chance of losing. It is a lesson in arrogance. One would have to be wholly ignorant of current events to believe that Trump and his supporters are stupid Nazis looking to persecute the cast of “Hamilton” or any other group of Americans.

Their line of reasoning is pure intellectual laziness.

Trump = Nazi. Pence = Nazi. Bannon = Nazi. Kellyanne Conway = Nazi collaborator. Sessions = Klansman. Trump voters = dumb and/or Nazis.
Many liberals are less afraid of him than of the men he is surrounding himself with — standard Republicans.

But that is all it takes to throw them into a panic because anyone with any thought divergent from progressive ideals is deemed evil to some degree.
They are certainly having trouble handling the rejection of their candidate and ideas.  They have been reduced to simplistic insults that are unlikely to change anyone's mind.


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