A Tea Party win

Charles Hurt:

Tea Party invaders have finally scaled the high walls and taken their first stronghold inside the GOP castle.

The defection of Florida's governor from his own Republican Party in the race for the US Senate is an enormously significant victory for this sprawling movement of ragtag patriots.

As an independent, Gov. Charlie Crist is finished.

The de facto GOP nominee, Marco Rubio, is already ahead of Crist and the presumptive Democratic nominee in the polls. His numbers will only rise with additional rank-and file GOP supporters in the wake of Crist's abandonment of the party.

It should also be noted that Christ's slide started after he embraced Obama's stimulus package.

The Tea Party rejected Crist because he represented what they see has been wrong with the Republicans in the past. He was not as sensitive as he should have been to the debt, deficit issue and it cost him dearly.


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