The need for increased defense spending

Gary Schmitt and William Kristol:


We have today an aging and shrinking Air Force and Navy, an Army that is overstretched, reserve forces that are far too “active” in their rate of deployment, and too few dollars to rebuild and modernize. And if the Obama domestic agenda is implemented, discretionary funds available to fund those who “fight our country’s battles/ In the air, on land, and sea” will shrink to a level at which maintaining the dominant military we have become accustomed to since the end of the Cold War will almost certainly be a thing of the past. Indeed, the Obama administration’s projected budgets have the defense burden shrinking to less than 3 percent of GDP in the decade ahead. A level not seen since before World War II.

I think they make a good case. I have argued before that defense spending is also a stimulus to the economy as well as pushing technological innovations that benefit the civilian economy. It is far more effective than the sink hole spending of much of Obama's stimulus bill.


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