5 from UAE jailed for funding Taliban

Arab News:

Five Emiratis and an Afghan national have received jail terms in the United Arab Emirates for funding the Taleban, local newspapers reported on Wednesday.

The six men “were sentenced to three years in jail for funding the Taleban,” a Dubai-based English-language daily reported. Two men were acquitted of similar charges.

The Afghan was given money by the other five “to channel it to Afghanistan,” the newspaper said.

Two Emiratis, Rashid Dawood and Abdullah Hassan, were given an additional year for “attempting to set up an organization to enforce a strict code of Islam” which “the court said attacked civil liberties,” the paper said.

Another daily said two Emiratis, whom it did not name, assaulted “three Emiratis and a Bangladeshi, leaving them disabled for about 20 days,” in connection with punishing “people for what they claimed were offenses.”


There is more.

I find this story unusual because it is the first I have seen where there is a prosecution for funding the Taliban. What is also unusual is the courts finding that the attempt to set up a Sharia enforcement unit would violate civil liberties. What an enlightened court. There is double good news in this report.


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