A new 'empathy' spray for men


Researchers in Germany sprayed oxytocin in the noses of 24 men and then showed them emotionally charged images of a crying child, a girl hugging her cat and a grieving man.

Their reactions were compared with those of men who had not received the spray.

The empathy expressed by the men who had been sprayed with oxytocin was so high it was on a par with what would normally be expected of women.

Oxytocin is a hormone released to trigger labour in pregnant women and also helps bonding with the newborn child.


It sounds like a mind altering pharmaceutical. There are probably some who would like to douse me in the stuff. On a test one time, my empathy score was so low that a friend suggested I would be good in triage. I suspect that is what makes me an interesting blogger though.


  1. I call hooey. Name the researchers in Germany or their parent company. This looks like rumor and propiganda. Give me something I can verify your story with.


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