Belgium bans forcing women to wear a sack over their head

Washington Post:

Belgian lawmakers on Thursday approved a nationwide ban prohibiting women from wearing full-face Islamic veils in public places, the first move of its kind in Western Europe.

The unanimous vote came in response to growing irritation in Belgium and other Western European countries over the increasing numbers and visibility of Muslims whose customs and attitudes often present a challenge to the continent's largely Christian heritage.

The French government, after months of rancorous debate, has pledged to pass a nationwide ban similar to Belgium's by September, a promise denounced by Muslims as "stigmatization" of their religion. President Nicolas Sarkozy decided last week to introduce the law despite a warning from the country's constitutional court that a blanket prohibition would probably be unconstitutional.


The requirement that women cover their hair and now their face is based on the belief that Muslim mails cannot control their impulse to rape if they see exposed hair or a woman's face. You see it is always the woman's fault in some cultures. Requiring mails to control their impulses for anti social behavior should not be that hard. It is one of the superior aspects of our culture.


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