Descent into fascism?

Leon de Winter:

This is serious, folks. Overnight one of the fifty states of the glorious U.S. turned into Nazi territory.

It may be possible that a policeman in Arizona is asking for your papers.

This is like being deported to the gulag.

Yesterday, the girl at the Best Buy register did the same. After I gave her my credit card, she asked for my papers. I obliged, fearing extradition to Arizona.

A couple of weeks ago, the Gap had this great jeans sale, and I bought three pairs (they were discounted 30% or so). The man at the register asked for my papers after I handed him my credit card. At that time I didn’t know what was going on in Arizona, but I now realize that I escaped an awful fate.

It is clear: Best Buy and the Gap are neo-Nazi strongholds. Why would they ask for my papers?

I once ran a red light in downtown L.A. — unfortunately, in front of a patrol car. They asked for my papers. It now dawns upon me: it was like being waterboarded.

These days, in Arizona, the police can stop you and ask for your papers. Undocumented individuals face terrible consequences. They can be deported to the gulag, or worse — to their country of origin. This may be a country we go to when we like to have an exotic vacation. These undocumented individuals cherish their country of origin; they wave the flag of their country of origin. They are proud of it. But the don’t want to live there. They want to go there on vacation.


This is the kind of ridicule that must really bother the left. Someone takes their arguments and makes them look silly. The left thinks that only people like Jon Stewart should be able to do that. I think de Winter makes an appropriate response to hysteria by the left.


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