The rule of law in Mexico, US, Arizona

Ralph Peters:


The rule of law has collapsed from Tijuana on the Pacific's edge to Matamoros and the Gulf of Mexico. Major cities are now "ungoverned spaces," as our diplomats refer tidily to distant trouble spots.

More people now die violently on our southern border than in Somalia, Yemen or even Afghanistan. But Washington doesn't know what to do about Mexico. So Washington does nothing much.

Our ruling class simply doesn't feel the pain. So the DC elite demonizes Arizona's desperate effort to shove the narco-revolution's disorder back across the border. Murdered ranchers, overwhelmed emergency rooms and soaring crime rates in our border states mean less to the White House than a terrorist detainee's claims of abuse. Our governing elite pretends that illegal immigration, torrential crime where illegals cluster, overcrowded prisons, Mexico's narco-insurgency, legal cross-border commerce and the drug trade are separate issues, to be addressed discreetly.

But these issues are all interwoven with the Mexican government's existential crisis....


When it comes to the rule of law, too many have an exception for our immigration laws. Some people with that attitude have been sworn to enforce those laws. Their failure to do so has made Arizona's problems worse and these same people don't want Arizona to enforce the law either. President Obama and his secretary of Homeland Security have just not shown a commitment to enforcement of our immigration laws. Obama is more interested in the rule of empathy than law.


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