Saudi sex cops ban women joggers

Arab News:

The Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) has banned women from jogging and other physical exercise in certain areas of an Asir town, Al-Watan reported on Friday.

The Haia’s branch in Al-Mujaradah attempted to justify its decision by claiming it was doing the women a favor.

“The Haia did not exactly ban women from physical exercise, it only intervened to guarantee their safety from criminals who frequently harass them as they walk in lonely places,” said Haia spokesman for Asir province Bandar Al-Mufreh.


The women joggers and walkers dispute the allegation that the route was unsafe. My guess is the sex cops were worried about their own impure thoughts at the sight of women exercising. There is a problem of poor impulse control among some Arab men and the women are blamed for seducing them. That is why some women must walk around with a sack over their head.

There does appear to be some progress here though. In the past they would have just hauled them off to jail.


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